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Property Tax Management Software

Powerful. Flexible. Smart.

iTAM Link is a secure, 24/7, web-based, property tax software providing real property tax and assessment management solutions for businesses with multi-property or complex property portfolios. iTAM Link solves your local, regional, national and international property tax and assessment management challenges.

  • Property Tax Management

    How simple is it today to accurately and efficiently determine how much property tax your company pays and should pay? How many different sources of information, databases, and people across several time zones possess bits and pieces of the information required to arrive at that straightforward answer? iTAM Link saves time, eliminates confusion and provides the needed solution.

  • Portfolio-wide Review And Analysis

    iTAM Link, an innovative Internet tax and assessment management system, provides tools to consolidate real property tax and assessment information and other asset related data into one location, easily and uniformly for properties located anywhere in the world. This structure allows for rigorous portfolio-wide review and analysis of property taxes and assessments.

  • Global Portfolio Management

    Finally, a global property tax management system to proactively identify anomalies and opportunities to maximize property tax savings and minimize costs.

  • Customizable And Flexible

    If you need something a little different, iTAM Link has the flexibility to make customization to fit your specific needs and business requirements. iTAM Link customizations can encompass reports, data modules, data management, business processes and more.

Latest News

    "We are now managing the process instead of it managing us." Manager, Taxation. US based REIT
    "Prior to using iTAMLink we had good resources working inefficient activities - I say that in hindsight." Manager, Finance. Major Retailer

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